Paula Scher's work is a graphic design piece for the Public Theatre in New York. The poster contains multiple productions and was deliberately designed to look busy and energetic to draw more attention. Scher uses bold colours and typography to display information about events while also maintaining a maximalist style.

This piece of work predominantly consists of typography and imagery. She uses a variety of different text styles (primarily bold and thin fonts), sizes and compositions. This makes her work appear fluid and dynamic, which compliments the subject matter of the poster and the brand's style. Being so convoluted, it further supports the content and intent of the poster (to being busy and eventful). I believe the piece is effective in communicating its message. Scher has cleverly used typography to surround the image. It lacks immediate clarity, but I believe this works in her favour as, upon further inspection, it reveals the information she is trying to convey and it is structured in a way that flows (from top to bottom) despite the differing sizes of the lettering and rotations.

I find Scher's work to be representative of the brand she is supporting - The Public hosts many events and this is perfectly translated onto Scher's posters.